Cleveland Inner Belt

Cleveland, Ohio | 2014-2016

Two new bridges will carry five lanes of traffic – one more than the 1950’s-era bridge they replaced! Major construction on both bridges is complete and both are open to traffic. Minor operations remain on the eastbound structure and all work should be complete in the spring of 2017. By constructing two bridges, ODOT was able to maintain traffic on I-90, a vital link into Downtown Cleveland, during construction and into the future when a new bridge deck is necessary.

True Inspection Services provided quality assurance inspection and coatings inspection for various aspects of the construction and coatings of the Cleveland Inner Belt bridge (WB I-90) and associated roadway. TIS monitored excavation, placement of drainage structures and pipes, grading, subbase placement, and asphalt and Portland cement concrete paving. TIS also monitored installation of poured concrete curbs, reclaimed stone pavers, erosion control mats as well as monitored bolt tests and inspected bolted connections for handrail and other steel members installed at the plant.