District 3

RIC US 30-9.26 Major Reconstruction

Mansfield, Ohio

True Inspection Services, LLC provided inspection services for this major reconstruction project located in Mansfield, Ohio. This project includes the reconstruction of 3.80 miles of U.S. 30. Including all new pavement, improvements to Trumble Rd, S.R. 39, S.R. 13, S.R. 545, and Fifth Ave ramps, partial removal of the S.R. 13 an S.R. 545 E.8. interchanges and construction of the E.8. Interchange, replacing four U.S 30 bridges, rehabilitation of one bridge, and the removal of one bridge. This project also includes construction of median barrier, lighting, drainage, two retaining walls, noise barrier wall, traffic signals, new signing and pavement markings, and right-of-way fence replacement on U.S. 30. Side road work includes construction of a new cul-de-sac, realignment of Longview Avenue and S.R. 545, and reconstruction of Wise Avenue and S.R. 39.